CodeCharge Studio

Repository Connection Dialogs

Visual SourceSafe

  1. The Visual SourceSafe Login dialog is displayed upon connecting to the Visual SourceSafe repository. Basic Username and Password authentication fields and Database name field are required. To specify a new database click Browse... and choose srcsafe.ini file location for a different Visual SourceSafe database.
  2. After clicking Browse... the Open SourceSafe Database dialog is displayed. It lists preconfigured Visual SourceSafe repository connections and enables to select a new connection ini file (Browse... button) and default Username settings.
  3. After successful connection to Visual SourceSafe repository module/folder choosing Add to SourceSafe Project dialog is displayed. If a folder has already been created for newly created CodeCharge Studio project it should be selected in the folders tree clearing the Project textbox used for specifying new folder name. If folder has not been created, parent folder should be selected in the folders tree and the name should be provided in the Project textbox. New folder is created after clicking Create button (without closing the dialog) or after clicking OK button confirming selection.

SourceGear SourceOffSite

  1. Upon connecting Source Control repository using SourceGear SourceOffSite provider the Connect To Server dialog is displayed. It specifies remote SourceOffSite host properties, namely Server and Port.

    Note: Avoid selecting Connect automatically checkbox as it prevents database selection dialog from being displayed and repository operations will be only limited to the last used Source Control database.

  2. After connecting the SourceOffSite repository login dialog is displayed to provide Username and Password information and to choose Database to use on the remote repository.
  3. After successful login Add/Connect to SourceSafe Project dialog is displayed. Folders tree is presented to choose existing folder for CodeCharge Studio new project or create new one. Refresh Project Tree button can be used to retrieve updated repository structure from the server. Selection is confirmed by clicking OK button.

    Note: When choosing existing folder for CodeCharge Studio project files, make sure Project textbox is empty to avoid creating subfolder after clicking OK button.


When creating new CodeCharge Studio project with CVS Source Control configured and "Add New Project to Source Control" option selected the following dialog is displayed:

It includes the same options as D2c Project Settings/Source Control dialog with CVS provider selected. CVS Root for connecting the repository can by typed in the combo box or new CVS Root can be built using Build... button. Test button can be used to check if the connection succeeds.

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