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The navigator is used exclusively on grid and editable grid forms, as is the Sorter control. A navigator provides functionality that allows the database records within a form to be browsed. A navigator can be of varying complexity ranging from very simple navigators with single links to move back and forth, to complex navigators that have links for individual pages and display the total range of pages.

When you click on the Navigator Icon in the Toolbox, the Create Navigator window appears where you can configure the properties of the Navigator.

Property Description
Navigation Type Select the link type of the navigator: Text links, Image buttons, Image buttons with text
First, Prev, Next, Last Activate the corresponding checkbox if you want to have a link for the option in the navigator.
Disabled links are not visible Links for pages that cannot be navigated are not displayed e.g. when displaying page 1,  the link for the First page will not be displayed.

Page Numbers

Property Description
No No Page numbers are shown.
Current page only Only the current page number is shown.
Current page in the center A list of pages is shown with the current page appearing in the center.
Current page moving A list of pages is shown with the current page appearing in plain text relative to the other pages.
Number of page links The number of pages that should be shown in the list of pages.
Show total pages Show the total number of pages that can be browsed.

After adding a navigator control to a grid, you can adjust it using the Custom Navigator window. To access the window, right-click within the navigator and select the Edit Navigator option. You can then configure various options in the Custom Navigator window, which is similar in appearance to the Create Navigator window above.

Note: The Navigator cannot be placed in the repeated sections (Row, AltRow, or Separator) of the Grid and Editable Grid components.

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