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Panel Reference

Design-Time Properties

Property Description
Name The identifier used in the generated code and HTML template.
Visible Specify whether the panel should be shown on the page at run-time. If the value is "No" the Panel and included components will be not displayed.

Note: this property specifies the default state of the panel, which can be changed dynamically using the custom code or actions.


Event Description
Before Show This event occurs before panel component is rendered within the page.

Run-Time Properties (ASP)

Property Description
Visible Determine whether the panel and included components should be shown.
Components The component collection included into the panel.

Methods (ASP)

Method Description
AddComponents  This method can be used to add an array of controls.

Run-Time Properties (PHP)

Property Description
Components The component collection included into the panel.
ComponentType Specifies type of an object, such as "TextBox", "Record", etc.
Parent Specifies parent container of an object, for example a record form for a textbox that is included within that form.
Visible Specify if the form will be shown or not.

Run-Time Variables (CF,CFT)

Variable Description
hide<control name> Specify if the control will be shown or not. If the value is 'true' the control will not be displayed.

Methods (Servlets & JSP)

Method Description
getComponents Returns all children controls as a collection.
getComponent Returns the children control with the specified name.
isVisible Returns a value indicating whether this control should be displayed or not.
setVisible Specify whether the form should be shown or not.
getParent Retrieves the parent component that contains the form.

Run-Time Properties (.NET)

The System.Web.UI.WebControls.PlaceHolder is recommended to be used.
Property Description
Visible Retrieves or specifies the value indicating whether the control will be rendered on the page.

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