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Captcha Reference


Design-Time Properties

Property Description
Name The name of the control.
Attributes Attributes assigned to Captcha. Click button to access the "Add/Edit Captcha Attributes" dialog.
Caption The name used to refer to the control in an error message.
Dictionary Characters to be used by Captcha to display validation text. Only letters and digits are allowed.
Font Font family to be used for displaying Captcha validation text.
Width Width of the Captcha area.
Height Height of the Captcha area.
Fragmentation Level Fragmentation of characters by dividing them into separate segments.
Vertical Amplitude Maximum vertical distortion. The degree of distortion will be a random value between 0 and the specified Veritical amplitude.
Horizontal Amplitude Maximum horizontal distortion. The degree of distortion will be a random value between 0 and the specified Horizontal amplitude.
Rotation Maximum angle by which Captcha characters can be rotated. Each character will be rotated by a random angle not exceeding the specified value. For example setting the value to 45 will rotate characters randomly between -45 and 45 in either direction. 0 value turns off the rotation.
Noise Level The number of lines drawn in front and around Captcha text.
Case sensitivity Specifies whether or not Captcha text matching should be case-sensitive.
Font Color Font color for displaying Captcha validation text.
Background Color Background color for Captcha validation text.
Background Opacity The opacity of Captcha background area. The values range from 0 (completely transparent) to 100% (fully opaque).
Features The list of Ajax features assigned to the control.


Event Description
Server Side Events
On Validate Occurs after the user input has been submitted to the server and before the submitted value is used to update the database content. This event is meant to be used to specify any validation operations that should be run against the submitted value to ensure that the value is valid. The addErrors method of the form can be used to log an error if the validation check fails.
Before Show Occurs before Captcha validation text is rendered to the page.

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