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The Web Calendar component outputs data in a monthly calendar format.  This is best suited for presenting date-specific information like events, tasks, and birthdays.

The calendar component can be configured to display several monthly blocks on a page, as three (3) months, a quarter or full year. These and other visual characteristics of the calendar can be specified in the calendar component's properties. Right-click on it and select the "Edit Calendar Navigator Layout" option to change the look of the calendar navigator. 

To properly display event information within a calendar's date cells, it is required that the underlining data source contain a date or datetime field, or separate date and time fields. The internal date format can be specified within the database connection settings (server tab), or directly within the calendar's "Date DB Format" property.

Calendar Properties

You can click on glyphs surrounding a calendar to expose the calendar's design-time properties under the Data tab of the Properties panel or click on the name of the calendar in the Project Explorer. Certain calendar properties can also be modified dynamically at run-time. The list of available design and run-time properties of a calendar can be found in the Web Calendar Component Reference.

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