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The Report Label is the main control used to display data inside reports. This component is the extended version of the Label component with all its functionality, plus report specific properties. To place a Report Label within a report section, click the Label component in the Toolbox.

Report labels are similar to standard label controls; however, they contain additional properties that are report-specific. The following report label properties are available:

Property Description
Name Identifier name used in the generated code and HTML template.
Control Source Type The type of data source that this control should be based on.
Control Source Field name or expression to be used as label's data source.
Format The type of values that the label holds, such as Text, Integer, Date, etc.
Text If Empty Text to display when the label's value is empty. The text can be in HTML format if "Content" property is set to "HTML".
Content Select "HTML" if you would like to output the data as-is without converting it to text. Select "Text" if you like to convert HTML content to text.
DBFormat Label's value format as specified in the database - it will be used in SQL statements that retrieve label's data.
Hide Duplicates Whether to hide duplicate values, if you do not want to show the same value in multiple consecutive rows.
Function Function to be used if you want the value to be auto-calculated. The following functions are available: Sum, Count, Min, Max, and Average.
Reset At Specify when the function-based calculations should be reset - never, at page level, or at group level.
Percent Of Whether the label value should be shown as percentage of a higher-level group or the report.

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