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Benefits of CodeCharge Studio

CodeCharge Studio generates structured object-oriented code that is easy to maintain and extend. CodeCharge Studio makes code generation very practical by taking the hassle out of the process of generating professional-level code. Developers can easily modify any part of the generated code using a powerful code editor included with CodeCharge Studio. Code that has been modified in the editor by the user is not overwritten during subsequent code generation.

CodeCharge Studio offers an unprecedented way for users to quickly build powerful database-driven web applications. By using a simple point and click interface, users can select desired components, programming language, presentation schemes and database queries-without any programming or without the need to fully understand the underlying web technologies.

What further sets CodeCharge Studio apart from all other products is sheer speed. For example, CodeCharge Studio makes it possible to create a simple task management system in under five minutes. Several pre-built application templates are included and can be adapted to the developer's needs and extended into full-featured web systems.

Separation of Programming logic from the Presentation Layer

CodeCharge Studio fully supports the separation of programming logic from the presentation layer by generating source code files (.asp, .php, .jsp, etc.), which are separate from their corresponding HTML files (HTML templates). This approach allows web teams to utilize best practices by allowing designers to work separately and in parallel with developers.

Many other technologies force developers to perform design tasks and designers to deal with code. The CodeCharge Studio approach allows the developer to produce applications that can be further customized by modifying the HTML template files within CodeCharge Studio's IDE or through a suitable design environment, all this while leaving the code untouched.

Fast, Practical Code Generation

One of the biggest challenges of making code generation practical is to provide developers with full flexibility of modifying the generated code while not losing the advantage of automation. CodeCharge Studio's core technology handles these requirements very well and gives users the full flexibility of working with the generated code. Modified portions of the code are locked from being overwritten during subsequent code generations, therefore eliminating the need of importing modified code back into the application source.

When publishing a project or page, CodeCharge Studio generates source code that is then copied to the web server to run the application. Users can choose and change the programming language at any time, for example, generate an application in Active Server Pages on their local Windows computer, then generate the same application in Java (as Servlet or JSP) for final deployment on any Java application server. The code generated by CodeCharge Studio is very similar to human code and can be easily enhanced outside of CodeCharge Studio by any developer. No other software on the market generates usable, practical programming code in as many technologies as those supported by CodeCharge Studio.

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