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Directory Builder

The Directory Builder allows you to build multi-level category trees. The Category List can be displayed in two or more columns. To begin the process of creating a Directory component, click on the Directory Builder option in Builders tab.

Step 1: Selecting a Data Source

Select or create a database connection from where the data shown in the directory will be retrieved. You can select one of the existing database connections, create a new connection or select one of the sample databases.

Click Next to proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Setup the properties of the category table

Directory Builder Category Settings

Parameters Description
Category Table Database table that stores the list of categories to be presented in a directory/index format
Category ID field Category table field that stores the category id
Category Name field Field that stores the category names or descriptions
Parent Category field Field that stores the parent category id
Root Category identifier A value of the Parent Category field for the root (highest-level) categories that do not have a parent, for which you may need to designate a value, such as 0 or -1 used in the Parent Category Id field of the root categories. The value will be set as default for the Data Source property.
No categories message Message to be shown to users when the last (lowest-level) category is reached and there are no additional sub-categories to browse.
Number of Columns Number of columns to output the list of the categories. The value will be set as default for the Number of Columns property.
Create Directory Path for the current directory When selected the Path component will be automatically configured and placed above the Directory component on the page. Otherwise the Path will not be created.
Add template panel Insert Directory inside Template Panel. This option available only on pages with Designs. Read more...

Click Next to proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Selecting a Style

The final step is to select a style for the form.

Click Finish to close the builder and generate the form.

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