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Authentication Builder

A login or authentication form is used to input authentication details (Login and Password) that are required to grant access to users in sites that implement security. The Authentication builder is used to add login/logout functionality to an existing page. Click on the Authentication Builder option in the Builders tab to begin the process.

Note: Please enable the Cookies in your web browser to make the Security work properly.

Step 1: Selecting the Authentication Type

Select the type of functionality you want to add to the page.

Directory Builder Category Settings

Parameters Description
Login Form Adds a login form to the current page.
Logout Link to this Page Adds a logout link in the current page. The link points to the current page.
Logout Link to custom Page Adds a logout link in the current page. The link points to the page you select in the next step.
Logout action on this Page Adds a logout action to the current page. The action is added in the After Initialize event of the page.

Step 2: Selecting Login Options

If you opted to add a Login form, the next step allows you to specify whether you want the login field in the login form to have focus when the page loads. If the field is in focus, the user can begin typing into it immediately without having to click on it first.
Additionally, the Remember Me option is available if enabled in the security settings of your application.

Alternatively, if you opted to add a Logout Link to a Custom Page, you now have to select the custom page to where the link will refer.

Click Next to proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Selecting Layout

Select a layout to be used to display the form.

Layout Settings

Parameter Description
Layout parameter You now have options to customize the component layout.
Add Template Panel Insert form inside Template Panel. This option available only on pages with Designs. Read more...

Click Next to proceed to step 4.

Step 4: Selecting a Style

The final step applies only if you are building a login form that involves the selection of a style for the form. Click the Finish button to close the builder and generate the form.

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