CodeCharge Studio

CodeCharge Studio Example Solutions

CodeCharge Studio comes with a number of example solutions that you can use:

To create a project based on one of the example solutions:

  1. In the File menu, select the New --> Project option.
  2. In the Add New Project dialog, click on the Solutions tab and select the solution you want to base your project on.
  3. You will then need to specify a name for the project as well as the location where the new project files will be saved. You also have to select the language in which the solution will be based.
  4. Once you click on the OK button, CodeCharge Studio will create the solution pages and at the end of it, prompt you to choose a style to be used for the project. You can either select a style from the list or click on the ‘Cancel’ button to use the default style.

After selecting the style, the new project and all its pages appear within the CodeCharge Studio IDE. In its current state, you can configure the project settings then deploy the project immediately. If desired, you can also customize the project pages or add pages of your own.

For each of the solutions, you can create the project in any one of the supported languages. Please note that for databases like MSSQL Server, MySQL Server and other please use the SQL scripts located in the following folders to create the databases: :\Program Files\CodeChargeStudio\Examples\Internet\ and :\Program Files\CodeChargeStudio\Examples\Intranet\.

The following table contains descriptions of the different example solutions.

Example Solution Description
Employee Directory Implements a solution to manage employees who belong to different departments.
Task Manager Implements a task management solution. The tasks are categorized by project, priority, status as well as type.
Portal Implements a club portal with different sections for news, user registration, events, links, club officers and administration.
Forum Implements a simple forum where users can post and reply to messages.
Registration Form Implements a simple registration system where users can be registered as well as view their existing information.
Store Implements a basic online store application.

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