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InsertAllowed Run-Time Property (PHP)

Applies to

Record Form, EditableGrid Form






object->InsertAllowed [= value]


This property contains a boolean flag that if true, allows insert database operations. This property should be changed in Page AfterInitialize, Form Before Insert (or On Validate) Event to prevent a form from creating a new record in the database.

Note: Setting this property to False in the On Validate event or the Page's After Initialize event results in hiding of the Insert button.


The following example shows how to prevent a user from inserting an item into database if the provided email address can be found in emails table of the database. Additionally, the form displays an error message.
global $items;
if (CCDLookUp("email_address","emails","email_address="
. $items->DataSource->ToSQL($items->email_address->GetValue()),$items->DataSource))
  $items->InsertAllowed = false;
  $items->Errors->addError("Provide another email adress.");
where $items is the name of the form.

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