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Recordset Run-Time Property (ASP)

Applies to

Grid Form, ListBox Control, CheckboxList Control, RadioButton Control, Record Form, EditableGrid Form, Directory Form, Path Form


clsDataSource or ADODB.Recordset






This property contains objectís recordset used to iterate rows in the data source result.

This property isn't accessed directly. Only its members are useful for retrieving data set information.

For complete listing of properties and methods for this object refer to ActiveX Data Objects Reference available from Microsoft's website.


The following example retrieves the number of records of the grid and assigns the value to a page-level Label control.
The example assumes articles grid and page-level articles_count Label to store the message exist on the page. This code may be used in form's After Execute Select event or in label's Before Show event.
articles_count.Value = "Articles in total: " & articles.Recordset.RecordCount

See also

Recordset.RecordCount property

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