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IsFormSubmitted Run-Time Property (ASP)

Applies to

EditableGrid Form








This property determines whether editable grid processing is performed in show or in postback mode. In show mode, the gridís fields are assigned values from the data source (or none when inserting). In postback mode, user provided data is available for processing.

This property may be used to specify different behavior in show and in postback mode. Using this property in combination with EditMode property allows to determine all possible form states.

Note: Usually, the browser is redirected (using Return Page property setting) after successful submit processing and any modifications made to form's view depending on IsFormSubmitted = true condition will be visible only if validation fails.


The following example displays specific warning message when the form is in failed validation mode. If validation succeeds, no visible effects are output and the browser is redirected.
The code assumes the grid is called EditableGrid1, the label which will display the error message is called Label1. This code may be used in form's Before Show event.

If EditableGrid1.IsFormSubmitted Then
  EditableGrid1.Label1.Value = "Please don't use browser's Refresh button.<br>Correct validation errors and resubmit."
End If

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