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DataSource Run-Time Property (ASP)

Applies to

Grid Form, ListBox Control, RadioButton Control, CheckboxList Control, Navigator Control, Record Form, EditableGrid Form, Directory Form, Path Form


Data Source Object




object.DataSource [= value]


This property stores reference to data source bound to the specified object. Data source handles all data retrieval and update operations. It serves as an abstraction layer that hides underlying data source details, whether it is a database, a list of values or even a web service. It is common to use this property to access field values from within bound objects. DataSource object provides properties (i.e. SQL, Where, Order) that can be used to modify the SQL query that is executed in order to provide data for the object.


This example shows how the SQL property of the DataSource object can be modified to alter the list of values extracted from the database.
Note: the syntax used to concatenate two fields (firstname and lastname) into the name field is not recognized by the standard of SQL language (here it is used for Access database only).
Function customers_DataSource_BeforeBuildSelect() 

 customers.DataSource.Sql = "SELECT customer_id, (firstname & ' ' & lastname) AS name, city FROM customers"

End Function

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