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Format Type Property

Depending on the Data Type property, select the format of the data to be contained in the control.

Applies to

Hidden, Image, Image Link, Label, Label (Report), Link, Text Area, Text Box


Some Data Types such as Date and Boolean data types can be displayed using varying formats. Use this property to specify the desired display format of the control value. For instance, a date could be assigned the format 'LongDate' in which case the field would display date values such as Saturday, August 24, 2002.

Note that the Format property does not have to be the same as the format in which the data is originally in when retrieved from the database. The Format property is only used to display the data on the page so you could have a date value stored in one format in the database and displayed using another on the web page. For the purpose of inserting or updating values into the database, the DBFormat property iscussed below comes into effect.

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