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On Load event

Applies to

Button, Check Box, Editable Grid, Hidden, List Box, Page, Record, Text Area, Text Box



The following is an example of the minimum length validation for a Text Box called Textbox2 which is located within a Record form called NewRecord2. In this case, a Validate Entry action is added to the On Load event with the following settings:

Validate Entry
Minimum Length8
Maximum Length 
Input Mask 
Regular Expression 
Error MessageMinimum length: 8
Validation Function 

As a result the generated code will be as follows (CodeCharge Studio comments are removed):
<script language="JavaScript">
function page_NewRecord2_TextBox2_OnLoad() {
  var result;
  this.ccsRequired = true;
  this.ccsMinLength = 8;
  this.ccsErrorMessage = "Minimum length is 8";
  this.ccsCaption = "";
  return result;

function bind_events() {

window.onload = bind_events;

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