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On Change event

Applies to

List Box, Text Area, Text Box


This event occurs on the client side after the control's value is changed and focus is lost. It can be used to change values of other controls and for validation of input values.


The following is an example of a Celsius-to-Fahrenheit temperature converter. In a Record form called NewRecord1 with the text boxes TextBox1 and TextBox2, the Custom Code in the On Change event converts the Celsius value entered in Textbox1 to a Fahrenheit value which is displayed in Textbox2.

<script language="JavaScript">
function page_NewRecord1_TextBox1_OnChange()
var result;

     document.NewRecord1.TextBox2.value = ((9/5) * document.NewRecord1.TextBox1.value ) + 32;

  return result;

function bind_events() {

window.onload = bind_events;

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