Using the 'Remember Me' Feature

The "Remember Me" feature allows users to store their login information on their local computer, allowing them to skip the login process when coming back again to the Website. When a user chooses to be remembered, the authentication information will be stored in an encrypted format for the specified time period as a Web browser cookie. During subsequent Website visits the login credentials will  be retrieved, decrypted and automatically used to initiate a new login session. Further identification is required only when the cookie becomes invalid, for example when the encryption mechanism is modified, the user explicitly signs out, or when the login cookie expires.

To implement the "Remember me" feature create a new Login form using the Authentication Builder, or select the "Login Page" option when creating a new page. You will then be presented with the option Create 'Remember me' checkbox, as shown below:


Once selected, the "Remember me" checkbox will appear on the new login form:


The "Remember me" feature should be further configured in the Advanced Security Settings where you can specify the login cookie expiration time and an encryption key for encrypting the information stored in it.