CodeCharge Studio

InMotion Framework Support (VB.NET and C#)

CodeCharge Studio 4.0 includes support for an open source 3rd party ASP.NET application framework (InMotion Framework) that simplifies C# and VB.NET development and eliminates a need for generating code .
The InMotion Framework is shown as a technology choice when creating new projects.

Key benefits of using the InMotion Framework in your applications include:


A simple way to envision the functionality and benefits of the InMotion Framework is to treat it as a library of reusable components utilized by Web pages, rather than generating code for each Web page.

Converting CodeCharge Studio applications from VB.NET or C# to InMotion is straightforward by changing the programming language in project settings. However, any custom code will require manual conversion. The InMotion Framework based applications utilize events for custom code, with coding syntax similar but not identical to that of other VB.NET and C# applications. For coding documentation and examples please visit the InMotion Framework Website.

Important note:

The InMotion Framework is developed by 3rd party and included in CodeCharge Studio only for convenience. YesSoftware offers community forums and provides limited technical support for the InMotion Framework. Further technical support and updates can be obtained from InMotion Framework developers.

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