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Using Date Format concept

You can use different languages, databases and platforms that return and require different date formats. Some of languages do not the have predefined functions that allow work with Date (e.g. PHP or Perl). For such languages CodeCharge supports the custom functions based on the language functionality (e.g. Java or C#). You can use the Date Format Compare table to see how CC converts formats. For example, Java does not support the short month name and uses the full name of the month. Date Format table shows CodeCharge formats.

You do not need to support the Date functionality in your code, you should set the properties:

Property Description
DBDateFormat Specify the format in which the control value will be entered into the database.
DefaultDateFormat The default date format for all fields
Field Format Set this property if you want to change default Date format

Later you can change the language, database or platform modifying the following parameters. You do not need to change the code.

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