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Default Value Property

Specify a default value to be used for the control if no value is otherwise specified.

Applies to

Checkbox Checkbox List, Hidden, Image, Label, Link, Image Link, List Box, Radio Button, Text Area, Text Box


If specified, the default value will be assigned to the control in case the Control Source property does not yield any value. The default property can be a literal such as a string e.g. "Default Value" or it could be a numeral as an integer or it could be a language function e.g. functionName(). The Default Value is a Code Expression returning a value of the corresponding type (Text -> String, Integer -> Int, Long, etc.) or being brought to a certain type.

Important: If the value of the Data Type property is set to "Text" or "Memo" the value of Default Value property should be entered in double quotes, besides the cases of using the language function.

The following are the possible values:

Data Type property Default Value
Text "Bob",
integer 5,
Date "10/01/2002",
Boolean True

See Also

Control Source property, Data Type property

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