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Calendar Navigator Reference

Design-Time Properties

Property Description
Name The name of the form.
No of Years Year range to be display in the Navigator.

Run-Time Properties (ASP)

Property Description
FileName Specifies the URL of the page to which the navigator is linked.
Visible Specify whether the calendar navigator should be shown.

Run-Time Properties (PHP)

Property Description
ComponentType Specifies the type of component. Value "CalendarNavigator" is used for the Calendar component.
ComponentName Specifies the name of Calendar Navigator.
Parent Specifies parent container of an object, for example a record form for a textbox that is included within that form.
Visible Specifies whether the Calendar Navigator should be shown.

Methods (Servlets & JSP)

Method Description
isVisible Indicates whether this control is to be shown.
setVisible Specifies whether this control or component should be shown.
getYearsRange Returns the number of years to be displayed in the navigator.
setYearsRange Specifies the number of years to be displayed in the navigator.

Run-Time Properties (.NET)


Property Description
Date Retrives the selected date.
Month Retrives the month part of selected date.
Order Retrives or specifies the order ow showing navigator parts.
Quarter Retrives the quarter number that contain selected date.
Year Retrives the year part of selected date.
YearsRange Retrives or specifies the range of displayed years.

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