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Certain pages are created specifically for the inclusion in other pages, such as the header and footer pages that appear in many sites. The Include Page control is used for this purpose. Before a page can be included using the Include Page control, the page to be included must be defined with the 'Includable' property set to 'Yes'.

It is necessary to set the Includable property so that other include files that are normally included in ordinary site pages are not included twice thereby resulting in errors. An ordinary page always has a number of include files such as those shown below in the case of an ASP page.

'Include Common Files @1-D6EDE132
<!-- #INCLUDE FILE=".\Common.asp"-->
<!-- #INCLUDE FILE=".\Cache.asp" -->
<!-- #INCLUDE FILE=".\Template.asp" -->
<!-- #INCLUDE FILE=".\Sorter.asp" -->
<!-- #INCLUDE FILE=".\Navigator.asp" -->
'End Include Common Files

By setting the Includable property to 'Yes', these files are omitted since they will be available in the main page where the Include Page control will be placed.

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