CodeCharge Studio


CodeCharge Studio features workspace slots that allow you to configure your application interface (panel layout within the application) the way you like. You can instantly save save your window (panel) layout, or restore previously saved layouts.

The workspace consists of several windows (panels) that you will work with. By dragging the windows (panels) you can arrange the CodeCharge Studio workspace layout to fit your preferences, then save your settings by selecting: Workspace -> Save and select a slot number to use in the future. You may also further customize the workspace in the View menu by choosing what windows and toolbars appear in the workspace. You can restore any of the previously saved Workspaces by selecting Workspace -> Load and selecting the slot number of a previously saved workspace. You can also press the Ctrl key together with a number (0-9) that corresponds to your saved workspace.

You can detach (undock) the panels by double-clicking on their titles, which will make them appear to float freely. You can also prevent re-attachments (docking) of panels into the edges or corners of CodeCharge Studio workspace by dragging them while holding the CTRL key on your keyboard.

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